4 Key Differences between Bigcommerce and Shopify Plus That You Should Know


E-commerce has taken over the traditional business models by a great measure. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are one of the major E-commerce platforms that can enable you to trade your goods by providing you with online stores. The great advantage of using e-commerce platforms to sell your goods is that you can manage the online stores from any place across the world.

This is because the stores are run over the internet. Shopify Plus came as an improvement of the largely popular Shopify platform. It features lower transaction fees, more accounts for staff members of the larger business and the ability to create multiple versions of your online stores. Whereas the two E-commerce platforms serve the same purpose, there are a few differences between them. Below are the differences.


Themes play a major role in enhancing the outlook of a website. Attractive themes tend to improve an E-commerce platform’s traffic and increase the chances of prospective customers making purchases. Both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce offer you a wide variety of themes. The platforms provide you the themes for free or you can opt to use the premium ones. However, Shopify offers you more free themes than BigCommerce. In addition, Shopify Plus themes are more appealing and updated.


Both BigCommerce and Shopify Plus offer you premium services depending on your preferences and business size. However, Shopify Plus has the upper hand in the pricing option since the licensing, building and maintenance costs are lower than those of BigCommerce.  BigCommerce gets additional costs as your store’s requirements advance.

Transaction cost

Any E-commerce platform needs to meet the maintenance costs.  An online store achieves this by charging you a certain transaction fee. The more the sales you make, the higher the transaction fees since your online store needs more resources to maintain.  Interestingly, BigCommerce does not charge transaction fees which is a big advantage should you choose to trade through it. Shopify Plus charges a certain percentage on transactions since its internal payment option is only available in a few countries.

Product categorization

Both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce give you the option of setting product categories manually. This is quite straightforward in each of the platforms. Nevertheless, when you opt to use Shopify Plus, it provides you with the ‘smart collection’ feature which creates categories by automatically populating them with products depending on the conditions you give. BigCommerce has bulk editing that allows you

Wrap Up

Shopify Plus and BigCommerce can serve as good e-commerce platforms for selling your products effortlessly.  From the above highlights it is clear that each of the online stores has a special feature that is quite advantageous depending on your store requirements.

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